Services for Importers and Suppliers

  • Trading Model / Broker Model
  • - For most suppliers we work under a trading business model. We purchase product FOB your factory or warehouse and take responsibility for the sales, marketing, logistics and financial aspects of exporting. This provides a turn-key solution where you can do business with an American company, yet gain access to many new international markets.

    - In some cases we work on a broker or sales agent model if that better fits the needs and requirements of the supplier

  • Strategy Development
  • - We work with suppliers to determine items that are suitable for export based on our experience in the field and feedback from existing customers

    - We know the regulations of target countries and what is involved in meeting all compliance requirements and issues

    - We then work with you to develop a realistic strategy for entering new markets or expanding sales at existing markets

  • Sales Network
  • - We have an extensive network of contacts in place around the world that can help expand the sales of your products

      Our network is made up of three-tiers

    • Direct Sales People / Shanghai office
    • Importer/Distributor partners
    • Direct Import Retailers
  • Marketing
  • - We participate in several international trade shows each year which provides a platform to promote your brands and introduce your products

    - We develop sales and marketing materials translated into the language of the target market

    - We work with the suppliers to build and maintain an active file of documents and information commonly requested so that we can quickly respond to customer requests without always going back to the supplier for more information


Importers & Retailers


St. Louis, MO
Shanghai, China